Blank writing paper for kindergarten

Not very Supermom-ish is it? Oh well — better late than never. At the beginning of the year I bought a book of blank kindergarten lined paper, but my daughter is so prolific that she quickly used it all up. If you keep my free file handy, you can print out kindergarten lined paper whenever you need it for homework assignments or should your budding author have some idea strike!

Blank writing paper for kindergarten

But you, like me, might be in a classroom where the expectation is that your kindergartners will write. Many of you might teach in schools where the children come with little or no skills with written language. In this place, I would like to address the specific components for a kindergarten writing workshop.

Every lesson in kindergarten is mini! We do need to teach the children in brief lessons, guided by what their work is showing us. Look each day at the work generated, choosing the most sophisticated text from that day might be a good picture, might be one letter, might be a name, etc.

The most sophisticated writing and writing samples can and should drive the level of the curriculum throughout the year. It may not be that the child with the highest ability in writing is the one generating the most sophisticated text.

Often the arrangement of the text or what the text is supposed to mean suggests a higher thinking process. Give time for your lesson content to sink in. Give time for the children to work with the content you are guiding them through. I only do lesson work when the children are gathered together at a dry erase board, without their writing materials.

I expect them to pay attention to what I am telling them and not sneak work on something. I have found that even if I am going to show the children something not to do, if I speak with the child whose work I am using ahead of time, he still would like me to use his work as the illustration of the point.

Gotta love kinders—just wanting attention! I know that many books suggest letting the children sit wherever and get comfortable. Kindergartners are not yet ready to be separated, thinking their own thoughts.

Kindergartners need to be in a writing community, especially physically, so we can hear ideas, trade ideas, work out ideas. We need to talk and share and help each other. I need to be able to see everyone, at once, to gage who is actively working and who needs a nudge.

My students choose what to write each and every day. Even when I have introduced a cool new idea or concept or genre, the children are not required to work on my suggestions.

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Blank writing paper for kindergarten

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